The Sigmas Slack team

Come and join our hotspot for data journalists. We’ve set it up to build a community that endures beyond the Sigma Awards themselves, and ignite collaborations and discussions between members of our community.

We will regularly setup live chats with international experts on topics that matter to the data journalism community, and the Sigmas Slack team will be the center stage for that.

We have partnered with regional data journalism groups all over the world this year, and we hope to use the Sigmas Slack as a laidback space where we can host live events to compliment the outstanding initiatives and projects already out there to serve the international data journalism community.

To sign up and join this Slack team, all you need to do is fill this Google form and we’ll send you an invite by email. You only need to sign up once to access all live chats and discussions we’ll set up there.

The Sigmas Slack team is free to join and open to everyone keen to get involved in the international data journalism community.

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