Meet the Sigmas 2024 jury and prize committee

Meet the Sigmas 2024 jury and prize committee
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Together, they represent the best minds in the data journalism industry. And this year, we're bringing new folks. We do our best to gather a representative group of people who can help us grasp how the world of data journalism is doing, and assess fairly who's been outstanding, by understanding the context in each region of the world.

The Jury is responsible for going through all the entries, assessing them and at the end release a shortlist. The Prize Committee then takes over, look at all the shortlisted entries and decide who should win this year.

The Sigmas 2024 Jury

It will be led by Simon Rogers (Google), also managing director of the competition and Kuek Ser Kuang Keng (HEI-DA), competition officer.

We’ve gathered a group of 19 international experts in data journalism to help us review all the entries submitted this year:

The Prize Committee

The Prize Committee will be led by Gina Chua (Semafor) and Aron Pilhofer (Temple University), co-chairs of The Sigma Awards.

We've gathered 15 people in the Prize Committee this year. They will review the shortlist and decide who should win this year's competition:

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