The Sigmas 2023 winners

The Sigmas 2023 winners
Illustration partially made using generative AI

9 Projects + 1 Portfolio

Our Sigmas 2023 Prize Committee has gone through all of the work sent in and selected 10 winners for the Sigma Awards 2023 competition. There was no citation this year.

  • Yao-Hua Law for his portfolio at Macaranga Media Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
  • Finally, The Sigmas Prize Committee jointly recognized two entries on the same topic, and with overlapping partners, for their groundbreaking investigation into the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers and migrants attempting to enter Europe. The teams comprised Lighthouse Reports and its partners, El País, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, SRF Rundschau, and Republik. [entry 1] [entry 2]

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